Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club // A thoroughly deserved number one

I'm writing from a train station in London to be able to finally say Bombay Bicycle Club have reached number one with "So Long, See You Tomorrow". Not "So Long See You Later", Radio One. It's fantastic to see a band you root for becoming so popular and encouraging a style of music that is often illegally downloaded to be bought.

The accolade is thoroughly deserved for such a true band. Having bought their first ever EP when they were still at college, this is far from what they set out to do.

I look forward to arriving home at uni and opening my limited to 200 box set.

Thank you BBC, and thank you UK for making it happen.

H x

Friday, 7 February 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club // So Long, See You Tomorrow - Review

Having previously only left 13 months between albums, the 30+ months gap to this Jack Steadman, singer and lead guitar, produced fourth LP sees Bombay Bicycle Club delve further into their own eclectic sound scape. Having left it so long, you wonder what caused the change. So, I asked Jack himself.

I wish. The man's harder to contact that than an MP outside of an election campaign.

Jack and the band love travelling, and their destinations are painted all over 'So Long, See You Tomorrow'. The sounds of India can be heard on 'Feel' one of the firs to be d├ębuted live recently. The track represents a change and shift in focus further away from their perhaps landfill indie first effort, and more so towards the 'Shuffle' sample style. The standout tracks from the album in fact all have samples: 'Overdone', 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' and 'It's Alright Now'.

'Luna', and the previously released 'Carry Me' are most certainly their biggest sounding songs to date - a reason they are catapulting towards the number one slot for Sunday, having topped the album chart midweek, a first for them. 'Luna' catches Jack in a happy mood with some seriously catchy bass from Ed, who features far evidently more on this album than the last. Not only is this the album that Jack chose to pump the bass levels up, but Ed now plays synth on some tracks - they're great musicians and it is great to see the other jump into the mix. Jamie also plays bass on 'Carry Me', a thumping track, and sings on other tracks too. Music from musicians, a rarity.

To see a band I've followed from the dizzy garage shows of yesteryear (I can say that now, okay) reach even dizzier heights of the chart is fantastic. Only 'Flaws' and their last LP 'A Different Kind Of Fix' have been lucky enough to reach the charts. They haven't topped no.4 yet.

This time every inch of me is hoping they do, with their best album yet.


H x