Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Foo Fighters // Sell out Saturday at Reading

So Foo Fighters did the inevitable, even more so than them playing the festival this year - they've only gone and sold out the Sunday day tickets. Tough luck if you were planning on going for the unquestionably best day, but it's sold out much quicker than last year.

Last year it took weeks to sell out a day ticket, and overall took 127 days for weekend tickets to go. That's right, onehundredandtwentyseven days. Gone are the days of the site crashing and only coming up to be sold out minutes to midnight (speaking of which, why aren't Linkin Park there this year?).

But at least it is showing some signs of recovering. Selling out a day ticket at Reading this year, considering the just-about-acceptable-compared-to-previous-years line-up, is quite an achievement. However, when will they reach the ultimate goal of selling out the whole weekend? With the economic climate, and the line-up taken into account: June. I hope it sells out in May or April; but being honest it is unlikely. Almost unlikely as people actually enjoying Paramore at the festival.

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