Friday, 23 October 2015

Adele // Hello - Single

Adele is back, and so is inarguably the most powerful voice in the industry. I did wonder when she broke her vocal chords whether she would make a full recovery, as she is reliant on the sheer velocity of her voice breaking ear canals. My concerns were dumbfounded, it seems.

On this new track 'Hello' taken from her third album '25', we hear about another tragic story. Except, it isn't meant to be. We were promised this album would be more positive, a make-up record in fact. What we have got is something definitely not upbeat, but what remains to be seen in whether she will deliver this promise. We will know when the album comes out in under a months time.

Adele hasn't released an album in over 4 years; so little other artists could get away with this. So little other artists could get away with her musical progression, too. There's been virtually no progression since her first album, with ballad after ballad providing a soundtrack to teenage heartbreak globally. Having sold over 21 million copies of '21' worldwide, I think it is a safe assumption to say she won't feel any pressure to progress, or indeed promote the album before it comes out too much. There's been, I imagine, suspense with the fans that have been looking forward to more material for years. By leaving less than a month before it comes out, it almost is more promotion than leaving the traditional 8-12 weeks.

'Hello' remains lugubrious in nature and withheld inability, but ultimately this is a great comeback track for Adele. There's something different in the delivery of the chorus, and realistically this will go on to sell millions. So really, who cares what I think about it? I could think it is the shittest thing since unsliced bread, but Adele wouldn't bat an eyelid. She can afford not to.

You can listen to 'Hello' below:

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