Monday, 30 April 2012

"So how was your weekend?"

"Oh nothing special... just went to Tribes at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Pretty good gig."

That's what I expected to say on Monday morning. But, after 32 extraordinary hours, I was ready to tell a different story.

"Oh not much... just met Miguel, drummer from Tribes, who was very, very awesome, got a picture and signed my shirt.. oh yeah, and met THE DOCTOR, MATT SMITH ASJDASLJ."

Ignore that bit at the end, sorry about that - I'll explain Matt in a bit. But yes, I needn't tell you that Tribes was amazing. The setlist was really well thought through. They played (I think) 3 songs that weren't on the album, but were from early EPs - glad to see they hadn't left the excellent older material behind. You can see a YouTube video I found below to get a picture of how good the atmosphere was in the Bush that night:

The best part had to be waiting outside the stage door, behind a silly security barrier and even sillier security guard (you could just run round the other side, more on that later). Miguel came out after 5 minutes or so and greeted some friends from Camden before coming over. I just asked him for a signature and he was more than happy to do so and even gave me a great profile picture in the process - ignore my face, it was such a random occurrence I didn't know what to do!

And here's the signed shirt:

Big Love indeed Miguel. Now, you can imagine I was absolutely ecstatic. They are one of my favourite bands at the moment, and having just released a debut album in January, I am looking forward to a bright future for these Camden boys.

...But it doesn't stop there.

I MET MATT SMITH. After the gig, we waited for the band and Miguel came out promptly. Then, out of nowhere, the Doctor strolls past security after a bit of an argument and gets past it to get to the stage door. At this point everyone was looking at each other like "...why's he here?" so me and my friend naturally think straight away to sprint round to meet him. I'll brush over the fact it was one building to the left, compared to my running route of 29509 to the right.

Me and Callum got round and walked over, and stood about 3m from him, patiently waiting for him to finish his argument about trying to get in. "I'm very good friends with the band, I don't need a wristband to get in" could be heard. I wasn't sure whether he was or if he was just using his celebrity status. He then walked off past the gate, which the security guard gave me a "how'd you get there" look, and he then strolled into the now closed venue. But then out again and across the road. Couldn't get a taxi. Walked back inside the venue. Then out. By this time I thought I'd leave the man alone and be on my way before noticing he'd stopped to take photos in the corner. Queue sprinting and the lucky photo you see before your very eyes above you. Thank you, for stopping Matt Smith.

And thank you Tribes for being as amazing live as I expected and remembered from Latitude last year. Part 2 in a bit, and my Bombay experience.

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