Friday, 2 November 2012

One night in November - my Little Comets Live review

What a bunch of melodic fun this lot are. I went to this gig expecting £11.50's worth of entertainment and got a lot more bang for my relatively low buck.

Unfortunately, I had an open day that was 4 hours away in Worcester. A nice uni, if you're interested, but my interest lies elsewhere. I arrived at the gig half-way through General Fiasco. I've heard about them being destined for big things, but that was 3 years ago, so it was bizarre to see them supporting a band who are also destined for great things.

The band themself worked relentlessly hard to get their album sound across live: and it worked. The high pitch kitchen sink-style guitar's worked effortlessly together like pen and paper. The vocals blended with the melody, and the lyrics as clear as they are clever. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Although I love the new album, either I am going deaf or Koko didn't have it loud enough, but it didn't sound loud enough to come across as well. No, it is not a particularly "loud" album, but I've really adored "Violence Out Tonight" and it sounded like the sound crew were out tonight instead. The subtle growing in sound guitar just didn't grow. A shame, as I was certain this would and will be a live favourite, but the crowd just swayed like it was that 9th track filer that you find on albums.

Favourites like "Adultery" and "Isles" came across fabulously, with the crowd knowing the songs word for word. It is always great for a relatively small band like Little Comets for them to hear people like me singing back line for line a song they had written. "One Night In October" was my favourite that night, and it certainly sounded like the crow agreed.

I for one agree it was a great, great night, and that they should go on to better and bigger things. Onwards and upwards!

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