Monday, 12 November 2012

The Shermans // Marina - EP Review

Before me I have a brand new EP from a band from Essex called "The Shermans." Knowing two of the people personally, I managed to nab a copy, and decided to review it track by track below for your eyes to delve on. This is a as-I-listen review, so all initial thoughts (whether negative or not!) are plain to see. Enjoy!

Wyatt's Green
The quick opening to this acts as a surprise and it has a nice melody. The lyrics are not as good as the rest of the EP, but a fabulous start to the proceeds nonetheless. 

The band chose to release this as a taster for the album earlier last week, and it was very impressive. The melodic opening is pitch perfect, and when the full band come in the song really gets into the swing of things. The voice sounds almost Strokesy in this one, but more laid back. Out of all the tracks, this is the most "band" sounding song, with the laid back rhythm and melody all merging together. The drums sound particularly loud in this one however, but otherwise good.

The Kick
This most definitely has a kick, and a good one at that. The excellent guitar really steals the show, just a shame once more the distorted vocals let it down. The melody just before the chorus is confident and the roar of the chorus wouldn't go out of place in a late night, sweaty, jump-until-you-drop gig in Camden.

Soho Blues
I love the structure of this, as opposed to Marina, where the chorus comes too late. This doesn't have one, and the guitar really is different. The variety of this EP is astonishing, in particular this one screams confidence and know-how.

The evidence is clear that this band should go on to achieve, I hope they do. A clean, polished sound from the off helps. If they can write catchier lyrics, that are more individual, then they will be off. But, they already are, all the best for 2013!


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