Thursday, 24 January 2013

Biffy Clyro // Opposites - Review: "Any excuse for more Biffy is a good one"

Firstly, I really don't understand the backlash on this album. Like most fans, hearing one of your top rated bands are releasing a double album, a DOUBLE album, sounds great to me. Yeah, I even liked Stadium Arcadium, it had its moments (I can't even remember RHCPs latest albums title, that's how good it was). Biffy Clyro presented me with the opportunity to survive the gap between new albums with double the material than I would usually. Besides, any excuse for more Biffy is a good one.

Now, it is the material I can see why people are questioning. I think two separate albums over maybe a year would have been better maybe, or even just one. The problem is, for me, every song has its own merits. I really, really like some of the new songs, and they are up their with there bests. The riffs are riper than ever, the lyrics hysterically clever, and as catchy as ever. I am most certainly not an original fan, from the start, I started with Puzzle - but that does not mean I am not a "true" fan. This is what irks me with the fan base. We all "MON THE BIFF!", but maybe if you dropped your grudges against them dropping their old style, you might just, y'know, enjoy yourselves?

One reason for the enjoyment is the quality that is on show here from one of the greatest rock bands of resent time, THERE I said it. Lyrics such as "Ancient Rome, we built that fucker stone by stone" and "We're always running scared, but holding knives" are only a slice off the surface of their creativity. Most of that is put into the lyrics and the guitar equally. In particular, Victory Over The Sun and Sounds Like Balloons stick out for me, with both having catchy riffs.

When I said every song has its own merits, I wasn't joking. Spanish Radio is a superb showing in musical diversity, with a very un-Biffy sound, but good nonetheless. Biffy already have an identity, so can afford to muck about with the occasional song like this. Most are true Biffy songs, of late, and collectively are probably better than the last two albums, if not just Only Revolutions.

Concluding this album review is a big middle finger to the other reviews. Why am I seeing 6 and 7's for this album? It is definitely not a 6, for certain. They will prove this to you when they headline Reading this year. And that is why I leave you with this lyric and score:

"It makes me want to cream, let's move to California"


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