Monday, 4 February 2013

Fall out Boy reunion, next Reading headliner and a new Tribes song!

I figured the above image is highly relevant to today, HOPEFULLY. As in, HOPEFULLY in 12 minutes time, the band will announce the end of their hiatus. Surely they will?

Now, if they do, it is great for many reasons. One, they are all great musicians, they've proven that in their side projects, they're all great. So, when they come back together they should be pretty damn awesome - as they always have been. Maybe Patrick can contribute to the lyrics now, after doing *everything* on Soul Punk. This should be pretty fucking awesome.

They bloody did:

I like it, I like it a lot. Listen to the original if interested here:

The second main thing that would make today special is the Reading announcement. I want it to be Biffy Clyro (likely) personally, or Linkin Park (Oh, a pig flying!). Would it not be awesome though if it was not just a coincidence and Fall Out Boy play, at the very least, or headline (Another bloody pig flying, what are the chances!).

Some more music was announced for Benicassim, my festival of choice this summer. The Courteeners will do just nicely, as will Dizzee Rascal at 5am!

Finally, to top it all off: Tribes are Zane Lowe's hottest record in the world at 7:30pm tonight. Hopefully it isn't just one minute long, and it is hotter than just one minute... anyways, I hope it follows in the brilliant foot steps of every bloody step they've taken.

Let's see if this all transpires, and if so, prepare for my next blog post: The Take over, the breaks over!

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