Monday, 11 February 2013

Is this good...or...wait, what am I even listening to? - Darwin Deez - 'Songs for Imaginative People' Review

BREAKING NEWS: Kooky kool kid Darwin Deez dazzles fans with new album of... jam sessions?

I really just can't put my finger on it. It is like he has a new cat that he's let loose on conveniently lying about guitars, keyboards, beat machines, oh and the mixer while he's at it. Why not muddle everything up at once, hey?

Before I make it sound like utter shit it definitely is not You Me At Six-bad. It has it's moments. It's just they all last for 20 seconds, maybe 30 at a push? Then some other crazy idea comes in. "I KNOW, LET'S CUT THIS AWESOME RIFF AND HAVE ME TALKING ABOUT ALBUM SALES FOR A BIT." Yeah, well you might not have a lot to say after this one, Deez.

Their are at least 3 good songs on here, in terms of the radio friendly Darwin Deez that we know of.  Free (The Editorial Me) is a masterstroke of a first single to promote the album. Snazzy, quirky and pretty darn awesome. It has some memorable lyrics, of none I can actually remember after spending the rest of the 40 minutes trying to decipher the rest, sadly.  Redshift is decent too, with classic Deez guitar throughout, a rarity in this album. Guitar is throughout, but not in a pattern of any sort, with the musical scape cutting and changing like that dickhead driver that cut me up on the A12 on the way home yesterday in the snow. Hope he reads this, dick.

I've just done what Darwin acomplished right there: lost my attention for the music. You see, to like Darwin's music now, you have to have a bigger attention span than he has collectively over the whole album. Pretty easy task right? But there's a problem, again.

Imagine a meter, from left to right. Left being "not paying attention, I like ironing boards.", Right being "Let me pause this and write the lyric down and think of how it resembles chapter two from Of Mice and Men." Now imagine their is only a 1mm gap between left and right, and that you have to balance between the two. Good luck. Seriously.

Overall, the album is good. It definitely is for imaginative people, that is for sure. It's also for sure that self-producing the album is a car crash and written off for the record label, virtually no other singles for this album. Having said all of this, it is a fine album to listen to over several playbacks. It's like getting a dog after having a cat, you'll grow to like it eventually. Maybe...?

The above was all written from the insides of my crazy head - sincerely, Darwin Deez


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