Sunday, 15 September 2013

Arctic Monkeys // New Record Makes A New Record

The Monkeys have done it again: Number One. The boys thoroughly deserve it, creating one of the most diverse and thoroughly enjoyable albums of the year so far.

This time, it is even more special.

Not only is it there fifth (FIFTH BLOODY) album, they have set a record, an official one. The first "indie" band to reach 5 consecutive number one's. Now that's some impressive shit right there.

Talking of impressive shit, I managed to get into uni this year, Brighton, with virtually half of what they expected from me - result!

I'll be resuming this site - I am sure I will find time in between my 3 lectures a week - and adding a new section of my favourite lyrics. As a Linguistic student, I hold lyrics close at heart. The Arctic's for example really strike a chord with me, and I look forward to listening through and coming up with some of their and other bands gems.

Until then, cheers for reading/skimming,

Harry x

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