Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Linkin Park // Until It's Gone - Video

Linkin Park have unveiled the first single of their new album, 'The Hunting Party'. The single, titled 'Until It's Gone', continues the promise of a throwback to their first two albums, with first class engineering and a heavier guitar sound. It follows their last two albums that I felt were pretty awesome, but were much more electronic and mainstream for sure. Now, the guitar is firmly at the front.

I read an interview with Mike Shinoda who said that he asked the band if their 15 year old self would be happy with their recent music. They wouldn't have been, as they were listening to heavier music, such as Metallica, so hence the slight, grittier change in direction. It's a shame Mike isn't in it, even if it was a short verse like it Burn It Down.

You can read a very interesting review with their guitarist, Brad Delson, here about the recording process, which hints at solos and riffs galore, with new pedals and effects to boot. I respect a guitarist who freely improvises, and with the freedom he has to shy away live, perhaps it provides the perfect habitat to gloriously free-roam over his guitar - and the music.

The song, in my opinion is fantastic. You can watch and listen to the video below. 

I still can't understand why bands bother with lyric videos. a) you miss out on views when the full video is released and b) when it is done this well, surely it is just throwing money into a black hole?

A bloody good, money-making black hole at that.

Now, just to wait for a fall European tour... Fingers firmly crossed.

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