Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Johnny Lloyd // Prince Albert, Brighton - Review

Johnny Lloyd played at a small pub in Brighton yesterday, his first tour since Tribes split. That will be the last I mention them, or as Johnny put it after one song “don’t mention the ‘t word’”, out of courtesy. Any worries that his solo material would need to be backed by other songs were put to bed, as his new set of tunes were outstanding – far better than anything the unmentionables produced.

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His set was short but sweet at 8 songs, which is actually quite long for someone who has no album yet. It was lovely to see Miguel on the drums, and he relished playing the faster paced songs. There were worries before he came on that perhaps his, so far, only slow paced material may be dreary, but this was not the case. ‘Shoot That Silver’ was a particular highlight, with fantastically-Rolling Stones-esque, jazzy guitar. Perfect Body was another treat also, with a wry smile from Johnny after he announced it. Previous material from his two EPs went down really well, with applause all round when ‘Happy People’ was announced.

Whilst it is early days yet, next year could be big for Johnny Lloyd. I would presume he will release an album perhaps next summer, but until then the premise of what was on display here was more than enough to put faith in him. As the man himself said, “see you in 2015”.

Johnny Lloyd played:

Joy Ride
Like I Did
Happy People
Perfect Body
Running Wild
Dead Beat
Shoot That Silver


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