Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Daft Punk // Random Access Memories - Review

This isn't really music, but musac. I can't claim to have any previous material on my computer, or have listened to more than three of their past songs - but I now have their latest album in my library.

Now, I'm going to keep the review short, the complete opposite of the huge hype surrounding this behemoth. The variety on the album is non-existent, maybe between songs, but the songs themselves are very repetitive. This is coming from my more guitar based background, of which I really like - but I do like Daft Punk.

I was very intrigued to hear that Touch, in interviews leading up to the album, had something like 350 layers. Most of these must be submarine recordings they found, and weird synthy/piano/weird/weird sounds. So cool though.

As music, I would not sit down and listen to it, on it's own merit. I like to sit down, and enjoy music, but I wouldn't necessarily do it with this. Touch, Within and Lose Yourself to Dance are my highlights, but you could very happily state the whole album as one.

RAM is very much essential to my life - this album however, is not. But, it is essential to the genre; these robots play proper, proper music. Which I always appreciate. So, to the end of the strangest review ever, I'm going to say I probably won't listen to it again, but like it a lot.


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