Wednesday, 9 October 2013

So, I may or may not be on the radio // University

I may soon be recording a "rock" show of sorts for "Burst" radio. I am definitely hugely excited for this, as I want to go in that direction as a career path: music journalism. If you couldn't tell yet.

Turns out they run a super simple and also awesome set up. Record at home, or in the studio, live or otherwise, and send it in. Done. So impressed, and also a tad unexpected. The face behind Burst, Paul, is also very down to earth and seems like the type of dude that will be great to work with.

Now, I just need to use my powers of conversation to find a producer. Shouldn't take too long, already eying up a couple of people.

I'll aim to play music similar to that of Xfm and NME, but that would be boring. Instead, you'll get a bit of that, but also music you most likely would never had heard before - unsigned, unseen, and awesome.

I'll post a link and the details here, most likely in the sidebar also, so watch this space.

H x

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