Monday, 14 October 2013

Panic! At The Disco // Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! - Review

I have never been the biggest fan of Panic! All the palaver about removing the exclamation, and then readding it. Do I want to listen to a band that causes 'drama' over a simple grapheme?

Well, now I do. The two singles from their fourth album are absolutely atrociously catchy, and just cool. "This Is Gospel" kicks off the album with vocal prowess and lyrical genius: "This is gospel for the vagabonds, never-do-wells and insufferable bastards, confessing their apostasies, led away by imperfect impostors". And it doesn't stop there - the whole album is packed with memory lines. A marked improvement, as I feel they have been severely lacking in this area, in terms of going head to head with their record label owners band, Pete Wentz and Fall Out Boy.

After the two opening tracks, the previously mentioned "This Is Gospel" and the equally as good "Miss Jackson", the quality continues, for one more track. "Vegas Lights" is fantastically showbiz, with glitz right from the off and cliche fuelled bridges. In comparison, "Girl That You Love" is dreary, and Brendon just doesn't seem interested.

I hate writing reviews and just listing songs and saying "this is good, and this one, but not this one because of x", but this album needs it. "Nicotine" is, honestly, my song of the year so far. The bassist, his first appearance on their recordings, gives the funky beat to the bridge and chorus. "Life's a fucking drag", according to Brendon, but when you can come up songs and riffs like this, who cares?

"Girls/Girls/Boys" has a fantastically british synth to it. Garrish and appropriate at the same time. Which just about sums up this album. The opening to "Vegas Lights" features children chanting. Incredibly garrish, but it really does fit the song.

After all the band reshuffling, it is lovely to see them still going at it - and doing it wellllll.


H x

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